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Aaron Byrd, partner and co-founder of Patriot Air, LLC resides in Arizona. Aaron comes from an aviation family and in between his work at Patriot Air, he spends his time surfing, riding motorcycles and flying single engine aircraft.  Aaron and Justin Demming started Patriot Air, LLC in December 2016 after working for another charter brokerage for 2 years. Aaron’s duties include developing the western U.S. markets with a focus on musicians, entertainment executives, and large private equity firms. 


we believe in providing the safest flying experience with EXCELLENT service, at a COMPETITIVE rate.  

We offer a range of charter services based on your needs for the size and type of aircraft that will satisfy any specific mission. 

our approach


Justin Demming, partner and co-founder of Patriot Air, LLC resides in Ohio with his wife and 4 children. Justin grew up with an affinity for flying as his father in the Air Force and his brother currently flies for a large US airline. Justin and Aaron combined efforts, talents and previous client lists to grow their business into a successful charter brokerage with year over year growth in both revenue and client base. Justin’s focus is on small business, family and corporate aviation in the Midwest and Eastern U.S.  In Justin’s spare time, he likes to sail, run short distances, raise money and organize outdoor events for US military veterans and spend time on the beach with his family and friends in Vermilion, OH. 


Each charter is a unique journey. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential. We deliver custom experiences, tailor-fit to meet the needs of your corporate trip, personal vacations or surprise weekend trips. 

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"I love that Patriot Air paid extra 

attention to details for our flight.

Classy, efficient and exclusive. 

We will definitely fly with them again"

   -- Megan

"When we needed a flight quickly,

Patriot Air exceeded our expectations

with professional customer service at 

an outstanding rate."

    -- Tom